Easter Cross

Easter cross. This cookie was inspired by an enamelware cross pendant I saw on the internet. I first topped off the cookie with white fondant, piped on the design with brown royal icing, once dried I painted the piping with wilton gold dust, then I mixed a combo of powdered sugar, corn syrup and a bit of water and colored it, then I ‘plopped’ on this glaze to the cookie and spread it into the nooks and crannies with a toothpick…….(this glaze mix takes at least 24-30 hours to airdry but remains nice and glossy looking) This cookie took FOREVER to make, but I have to say it was way fun to try out.
Happy Easter Everyone!!

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Sugar Tales

Great job! Love the effect!

Mimi's Sweet Shoppe Amanda Burgess

That is beautiful! Nice Job! : )

Loren Ebert

So beautiful Corrie! As a cookier, I know how difficult and time consuming this cookie was to make. You are amazing!! :O)

Fun Fiesta Cakes

Corrie, you did a fantastic job – if you have a chance, could you send me the measurements for the glazing – i want to do a stained-glass cake for my son’s birthday and this would be absolutely perfect. Many thanks!


thanks you guys :) ….funfetti- I made just a tiny amount of glaze but I used approximately 1TB powdered sugar, 1tsp corn syrup and 1-2 tsp water- I mixed it using a paintbrush- takes a while to get all the little lumps out- HTH!!


Hello! Corrie, you did an amazing job! Do you have a tutorial on this? I’d like to make them for my nephew’s First Communion.

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Easter Cross