Under The Big Top

Cakes by Suzy and Truly Custom Cakery, LLC have merged and we’re opening our shop late Spring early Summer. We entered our first competition as a team on Monday, April 2, 2012 at City of Hope’s annual Let Them Eat Cake Competition in Philadelphia. We won Most Artistic, Best use of Theme (under the big top), and Audience Choice. There were 5 available awards. We have TONS more photos on our facebook page including the process of building the cake.

-- Truly Custom Cakery, LLC

circus tent elephant monkey big top cake carved 3d red white yellow blue


Shey Jimenez

Are you serious? For real?!This is insanely fabulous! EXCELLENT! GREAT WORK!

Ann-Marie Youngblood

AMAZING!!! Looks so Life like!

Benni Rienzo Radic

This is truly spectacular!!! Congratulations on your winning cake and your new shop!

Tiffany Palmer

Wow! This is ridiculously well done! I am in awe! Congratulations on your wins and your new shop!


OMG this is AMAZING,Congratulations on your wins and your new shop!!

Sarah F

Oh my goodness this is fabulous


Wow! That is fantastic!!! Wonderful job! :)

Michal Bulla

Congrats! Your cake has been chosen as an Editor’s Choice for 4/4/2012.
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Rachel Skvaril

I’ve gone over and over your process photos and still can’t imagine putting that all together. AMAZING job!


WOW!!!!! That’s so awesome, I can’t belive all the little details . Great Job!


WOW! Great job!


Thank You all soooo much! It meant more to us than we could ever express that we won these awards as a team. We kind of felt the need to prove to our customers that the merger of our shops IS a REALLY GOOD THING! And to have something like this to back us up, makes it so much easier!

marlyn rivera

awesome! congratulations! i’m a newbie here and im so amazed with this cake! the elephant looks like real one! great job! so happy to see this!

Peggy Does Cake

Love this cake. Love the little hidden details that you can only see if you LOOK. Awesome!

K Cakes

Amazing work. I’m speechless.

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Under The Big Top