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The Tale of the Flaming Sugar Roses

I made this cake for some very good friends a number of years ago. The wedding was to be held at a popular, classy, high-end venue with a large number of guests so there was absolutely no room for error with this particular project.

First off, with regard to the cake itself, it was a white velvet butter cake with smooth lemon butter icing filling between layers. The filling contained finely grated fresh lemon peel and the cake was covered with pure white lemon flavored fondant. The roses were all hand made from royal icing, and there were over 700 of them. The top 2 tiers were cake dummies (otherwise the bride and groom would have had enough leftover cake for 5 years!).

Unfortunately, as often seems to be the case, there was a bit of drama when I made this cake too.
I was preparing the roses for the cake well ahead of the wedding date, and actually had started making them about a week and a half before the wedding weekend. I knew I was going to need lots of time to make all the roses since I would need the rest of the week to bake the cakes, cover them, attach all the roses, and then pack the cakes for a long 250 mile trip from Michigan USA to Toronto, Canada.

The bachelor party was being held in our area and my husband’s friends, including the groom and best man, were coming to Michigan from Canada for it. By the time the bachelor party weekend arrived, I had already prepared about 500 of the icing roses. The guys were to meet at our place and I intended to keep working on the roses until just before their expected arrival time. But the doorbell rang early and here I was with icing roses set out all over my kitchen table. In a heartbeat, I placed some of the plastic trays full of roses I was working on into the oven to hide them, not a second too soon as the groom walked into the kitchen.

I told my husband what I had done and he nodded and seemingly took it all in.

Then on Sunday after the bachelor festivities were concluded, I was very tired so I sat down for a few minutes in my office upstairs after being busy all day working at the cake. I was on schedule and felt good about where I was with the cake. However after a few minutes, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Smoke started rising around my computer screen rapidly filling my office with very thick acrid smoke. I raced downstairs to find out where it was coming from, entered the kitchen below and found the kitchen black with smoke and the interior of the oven in full rolling flame.

Then it hit me. About 250 roses, a hand towel and large plastic trays had been in there and all of that was on fire. I just stood there paralyzed waiting for the smoke alarm to start wailing. My husband grabbed a fire extinguisher and had the flames down in seconds but we could hardly breathe as the burnt plastic odor was so strong. Everything in the oven had burnt down to a pile of red plastic and black goop which quickly hardened like cement.

Then I found out how the oven got turned on. Apparently, knowing that I was tired, my husband had sweetly decided to take it upon himself to make me dinner. He had forgotten about what I had told him earlier and simply turned on the oven.

Dogged tired, we had no choice for the next few hours but to clean, scrape and scour the oven to remove the globs of hardened plastic and burnt sugar. I was absolutely sickened by the fact that I now had only 5 days to make 450 roses, bake and decorate the cake.

Somehow I managed to pull it off but it didn’t end there. We drove through torrential rain for 250 miles during the night before the wedding to get to our hotel in Toronto. Once in Toronto we needed to move the cakes from the car and into the hotel room for the night so the roses didn’t fall off from the humidity.

However, in the end the cake looked wonderful, the wedding was beautiful, the location just stunning, the day gorgeous and my kitchen remained standing. Everyone was happy! But for all of you who have had wedding cake disasters and scares, rest assured I truly know exactly where you’re coming from!

-- Beverley Way,,

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John Flannery


My Cake Sweet Dreams

what to say … I love it
You did an absolutely amazing cake

Gulnaz Mitchell

What a horror story!!! The cake decorator’s worst nightmare!!! But you pull it off and beautifully finished this spectacular cake! Well done!xoxo

Allways Julez

Well, isn’t it wonderful, that you picked yourself up, dusted off the days events… and soldiered on! Final result speaks for itself.

The Beverley Way Collection, Beverley Way Designs USA

Thanks John, Zana, Gulnaz and Julez! Yes, I can laugh about it now, but at the time…total shock doesn’t even cover the feeling lol. What’s funnier is, we just posted this on Facebook for the friends we made this for and they never even knew what happened until they just read about it. I guess we didn’t want to tell them at the time and just never did thereafter, so we’re having a good laugh about that too.

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Oh my goodness Beverley, that is quite a story! I’ll bet your poor hubby was as devastated as you were! You must have worked like a mad woman to get all of the roses finished! It turned out absolutely gorgeous! All of your hard work really paid off!

CakeHeaven by Marlene

What a story Beverley!!!!! I would have been totally devastated but you managed to pull through magnificently as can be seen by the results as this cake is perfection itself!!!! The design is really gorgeous and the flowers are magnificent!!!!!


The Beverley Way Collection, Beverley Way Designs USA

Thanks Toni and Marlene! Yes, my husband was pretty upset with himself. But you do what you have to do, right? Thanks for the compliments. We were glad it all worked out!

Sreeja -The Cake Addict

Oh My…..beautiful



Elli Warren

O my goodness Beverley!! that must have been so awful for you, i would have gone completely to pieces, you did an amazing job!! the cake is just stunning and the roses are beautiful!! perfect!! :-)

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Fifi's Cakes

oh my goodness … as you soon as you said the words placed into the oven’ I knew where this story was going .. Oh what a drama you had and how you managed to pull it off after that is pure brilliance!! Amazing cake with a happy ending. xx


Beverley, OMG, glad everything was fine in the end but I can’t even imagine how you felt the last few days before the wedding!! Gorgeous cake; love it !!

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

OMG Beverley! What a story! Glad it all worked out in the end, but I know what a sinking feeling it can be having such a close deadline and all that work still to do!
Stunning wedding cake! No wonder your friends didnt notice anything had gone wrong, brilliant recovery :)

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The Tale of the Flaming Sugar Roses