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Vintage Circus Cake

Hand painted circus animal posters, gumpaste bow and banners,ball separator is a styrofoam ball covered in fondant. Everything was color washed with a brown food coloring diluted in vodka to give it a old vintage look.

You really ROCKED the circus on this one, and I’m afraid of clowns! I LOVE this!!!

-- www.facebook.com/ahimsacustomcakes

I love the vintage look to this circus theme! Wonderfully done! :)

-- Becky, North Carolina, http://www.cakesbybecky.blogspot.com

Loving this!! Totally getting the vintage feel. Perfect!

-- Benni - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Adventures-in-Caking/128896783863694

Beautiful! You did an amazing job. Loving that vintage look.