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Unicorn sculpt

This was my first large sculpted cake. The head is made from RKT and covered with 2 layers of fondant. Everything is edible. I did not have an airbrush at the time so I used luster dust and edible pens to do the highlighting.
I will be doing a class on this cake in July in Ohio and in Michigan. I’m really excited that I’ve been asked to!


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Bliss Pastry

Absolutely love this cake!


only luster dust and markers. . . unbelievable. It is absolutely beautiful.


This is darling, I love the expression.

Benni Rienzo Radic

Fantastic cake!!! Amazing job!!

Trinity Wood

Thanks so much for your super sweet words. Bliss Pastry, thanks so much! i know your flowerpot cake made the Top 3 YESTERDAY!!! it was wonderful!


That’s amazing! A work of art :)

designed by mani

what a talent!!!! amazing work..

Maria Cazarez Cakes and Sugar Art

This is beautiful Trinity Wood. I love it <3

Dawn Wells

This is an astounding piece of work Trinity. No way could I ever manage a masterpiece like this. You have an amazing talent. X x


Wow, what a wonderful piece of art!

Trinity Wood

Thank you very, very much!

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Unicorn sculpt