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Great British Bear - Cake International Entry 2013

Back in July I took it upon myself to enter the biggest cake competition, Cake International for the very first time. I decided upon Class D: A regular shaped cake decorated with a novel design. All aspects of the cake was to be edible with no internal supports.
I had 5 months at the point of entering to design and execute my entry…

3 weeks to go and I still hadnt finalised a design. I was thinking along the lines of London as a theme, as it’s one of the places I love and thought it would be good to incorporate that in to my cake.

So the teddy bear was dressed in a Grenadier Guards uniform, and placed in a Union Jack inspired gift box.

Cake International 2013 – Birmingham took place on the weekend of Rememberance Sunday, so what better way to acknowledge those that have fought and are continuing to fight for Queen and Country than to place a poppy on the bear and at the side of the gift box.

The gift box was made from vanilla sponge and filled with homemade lemon curd.
Teddy bear was made from RKT and covered in fondant and buttercream made up the bear’s fur.
Poppies made from flower paste.

My cake got a Certificate of Merit, which is one of a forth place spot! Not bad going for a first timer, and to say i’ve only been decorating cakes since January 2013.

-- Kelly, Nottingham, England