Cakes by Biliana


Cakes by Biliana

Mar 2014 147 Canada

Baking and decorating a cakes is my hobby!! I learn lots from cake cites and you tube and different tutorials!! and with every cake I learn more and more!!


Little Apple Cakes

Hi Bili, great to see you here!! :)

Cakes by Biliana

Hi Selma!! ty you to!!!

Sato Seran

Hi Biliana, great to see your work, u have some beautidull cakes here.

Cakes by Biliana

Thank you Sato!! :)

Danijela Lilchickcupcakes

Hi Biliana nice to meet you and where in canada are you from …i am from Toronto …your cakes are gorgeous

Cakes by Biliana

Thank you Danijela I wish to one day be good in decorating like you :) I live in Brooks , Alberta :)