I used to make cakes a long time ago, but did not do them as good as I could have… So, this past summer I chose to take a few classes from Wilton at the local Hobby Lobby Store… I took off from there! I watch every cake, cupcake show, watch youtube videos on how to and get every book I could possibly lay my hands on to learn how to do cakes the right way… I just started last year 2011, and am still learning through trial and error… I decided to name my cake decorating company as Happy Cakes! I chose this name because I know sweets make people happy!! It was also because my nephew would go to parties and ask if they had "happy" cakes!! So the name stuck!! I am enjoying making cakes and learning that you will not please everyone!! I love to watch the face of the people I make cakes for to see how happy it makes them and so it makes me happy!! I look forward to each and every cake I make and put a lot of love into each one!! Life is too short not to have a happy cake!! Enjoy!! :D Be Blessed, Be Well, Be Happy!!!! :D