Mary Ann Zahra is the owner of Cakes Malta - Artistic Cakes Malta. I started decorating cakes about 15 years ago. My first cake wasn't that great. I realized I had still a lot of things to learn about cakes!! I started discovering the many fondants, icings and sugarpastes on the market and how to work with them. I used to watch video clips on the internet to see how to make flowers and other decorations. All this made a big difference as the second cake was far much better.
However, I reached a point where I knew I had to further my knowledge about cake decorations and I decided to attend some courses at Edward Calleja a well known TV personality on cake decorations. After attending his courses I made a lot of progress in many decorations and I obtained more knowledge on how to do sugarcrafted flower sprays with a variety of different kinds of flowers.
However, baking cakes for other people and not just family and friends made me realize that I still needed more knowledge on cake decorations. Flipping through wedding cake magazines and other cake magazines one soon realizes the high level of perfectionism people expect on their cakes, so I wanted to invest more in my studies.
In 2010/2011, I flew to UK at Squires Kitchen for some courses on sugarcrafted flowers and Royal Icing. I obtained Masterclass certificate in both courses and I tell you it was a great pleasure and have been very fortunate meeting both tutors Paddi Clark and Eddie Spence MBE; whose ability to produce the most exquisite forms in Royal Icing surpasses anything immaginable, maker of Prince Charles and Lady Diana's wedding cake, as well as designing and making various cakes for the Royal Family and other famous people. The knowledge I obtained from these great lecturers is incredible. They try to teach you all their cake decorations' know how and expertise during their courses. Having had the opportunity to obtain first hand knowledge from both Eddie Spence MBE and Paddi Clark is an unforgettable experience.

After these courses I felt I obtained a good steady knowledge about cake decorations and gave me the confidence to look ahead and start cake decorating as a career.

I have also obtained my food handling licence and I am a qualified national course tutor.