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I go to college and I'm interested in music, cooking and essay writing. As a child, I attended music school, so I really love to sing. I also enjoy spending time with friends. I have a wonderful dog, Labrador breed.

I wanna share with you my essay "The Federalist and Republican Eras”:

In 1796, the Presidential elections in the USA were marked by the struggle of two major politicians, who played the leading part in American politics – John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. The choice in favor of either politician would define the further development of the country and American people should make a conscious choice. As for me, I would vote for John Adams because his political ground seemed to be more realistic and reliable.
Taking into consideration the historical context of the Presidential elections of 1796, it should be said that Thomas Jefferson offered a new way of the development of the USA. At the same time, it was a revolutionary way, which France had already experienced, but the French Revolution led to the bloodthirsty war and struggle for power. Obviously, the USA could not afford another revolution after gaining independence. Instead, the USA needed stability which John Adams personified.

At the same time, John Adams would not offer the violation of rights and liberties of American people. He just suggested the strengthening of the Presidential power, while the President would be elected by American people. In such a way, Americans would preserve control over their political leaders. In such a context, what Thomas Jefferson suggested could wreak the country into havoc because the strengthening of the power of people would inevitably weaken the federal government. Hence, there was a risk of the USA falling apart because of the weakness of the federal government. In such a situation, Great Britain could use the weakness of the USA to regain control over the country. Consequently, the election of John Adams would be a logical choice.