Baking has always been part of the family tradition for Masha Lipkovsky. As a child helping her grandmother cook pies, honey cakes, sour-cream sponge cakes, and traditional Jewish-style cherry and apple strudels were the highlight of the day. As she grew older her aspirations for baking grew from magazines, TV shows, and local bakery displays. She decided to take a few decorating classes and from then on, all family occasions included a decorated cake by Masha. Family members’ excitement in receiving these delicious and beautiful cakes grew onto friends and then soon friends of those friends were looking to buy her creations.

In 2011 the idea of Unik Cakes was born – unique with a “K”. Masha knew that in order to take her baking from a hobby to a career she would need to educate herself and become an expert in the field of specialty baking. She immersed herself in books, magazines, and the internet until baking became part of her everyday life.

She went further and applied to the Art Institute of Philadelphia for Baking and Pastry program. While there, she further advanced her skills in not only baking but in getting real world experience by interning at Pink Cake Box owned by a renowned pastry chef, Anne Heap. Pink Cake Box is an award winning bakery that has been featured on national television, on Food Network and TLC, various magazines, as well as serving celebrities.

Graduating from the Art Institute of Philadelphia at the top of her class, where Masha was named to the Dean’s List and was recognized for her outstanding portfolio during her time there as a student.