Tina's Treats Texas


Tina's Treats Texas

Feb 2015 9 austin, tx

Hi everyone! My name is Tina and I'm the owner and creator of Tina's Treats Texas. I started in El Paso TX in November of 2012. Meaning that's when I learned how to even make buttercream and what a decorating tip was ha ha.I started making cakes as a therapy for my general anxiety. I was unable to do anything, if you ever learn what it is it's the worst, so I took a class to learn how to be anywhere and not be afraid! I loved it and within a month I made my sisters wedding cake then a few weeks later a cake for a famous DJ Deadmau5. After that I was hooked!! (P.s cakes helped me with my anxiety and saved my life to say the least) I moved to midland for a few months to help my mother, came back to El Paso to start the business again then ended up moving to Austin Texas and taking an 8 month break from cakes. After getting settled and deciding to stay here I brought my cake and have now been doing cakes in austin for about 4 months. So I guess you can say it's only been a year and a half that I've been doing cakes. With so much moving I decided to add "texas" to my name! And changed my logo to a texas w a heart on El Paso because that's my home :) I love doing cakes and love the fun weird environment here in ATX, I hope to build an amazing cake business out here and meet a lot of awesome decorators through this site! Happy caking ;)

-- Tina's Treats Texas