Hello there.
My name is Sheila.

I have had a creative and artistic nature since I was very young. I have dabbled with painting, drawing, sculpting as well as playing musical instruments. I crave being able to create with my hands . So when I discovered fondant, cake decorating was a natural progression for me.

I have invested countless of hours teaching myself the tricks of the trade. I take any opportunity to learn and grow as an artist. There are so many resources, in the virtual world, to learn and grow, it's been a blessing. I am only a few years into this journey but I am excited about the future possibilities.

I thank all of you in the cake/sugar art community for being vulnerable and sharing your gifts and talents.

I am inspired daily by so many of you.

I hope you like my cakes and I look forward to the inspiration on Cake Decor and interacting with so many other wonderful bakers/decorators.

Kind Regards,