Jun 2012 17 Erin, Tennessee

I have been baking and decorating cakes since I was a child. It all started with my first easy bake oven, I loved it then and I still love baking and decorating cakes today. My older brother would devour every cake and ask for more. I soon out grew the Easybake and started to buy and bake the little jiffy cake mixes that I would purchase with my allowance money from a nearby country store. During the summer breaks from school I would walk to that little country store and buy the Jiffy cake and frosting mixes and bake them for my brother and his friends. I decided that they needed a little decoration so I would by packs of sixlets and sprinkle them on top. The joy of baking was beginning to grow and as time went on I learned to bake more and more, such as homemade banana puddings and other wonderful desserts. After I married and had my first child there were birthday cakes to make and as the years have gone by I have baked many birthday cakes for my children and now grandchildren. Wedding cakes were a grand pleasure and challenge for me but I just taught myself as I went how to do many things. My daughters wedding cake was the first real big wedding cake, it was 5 tiers tall and buttercream with each tier having a different design, very beautiful. Since then I have made so many wedding cakes and other cakes I couldnt even begin to number them nor would want too, it is just a joy each time I complete another cake.

-- Peggy Black Cake Designer, http://www.facebook.com/SweetPsCafe