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Adorable 3D Koala Cake - So cute!

I made this cake in honor of the Koalas that were affected by the fires in Australia. Hope you enjoy! -Stephanie

3D Christmas Pug Dog Cake

My family LOVES pugs so I made an adorable Christmas Pug cake. I made a video tutorial for it. I hope you all enjoy it. Happy Holidays!

Pretty Buttercream Flowers/Concrete Cake

It’s kind of like a fault line cake, but a little bit different. The icing comb makes all the difference.

How to Make a Mermaid Cake

I wanted to make something completely different, so I made a mermaid taking a bubble bath in a teacup CAKE. So fun to make!

3D Jack-Jack from The Incredibles Cake

I made a video tutorial of the making of Jack-Jack from the Incredibles movie. So much fun!

How to Make Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey

My daughter and I made Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey. It was so much fun!