Hello lovely pink fluffy cupcakes!! o( ]

Thank you heaps for taking the time read about little old me and check out my creations. My name is Sarah, I'm fast approaching 30 years young (and intend to make a magnificent cake to celebrate with!) and I love everything about cake.

From the teeny tiniest grain of self raising flour to the yummy scrummy mixture it makes when combined with those other essential ingredients - quite simply, I love cake!

I can usually be found in a cloud of icing sugar in my kitchen in West Yorkshire, in case you're ever nearby for a brew! ;-) I've been making cakes professionally for a couple of years and am proud to be completely self-taught in caking.

As well as cakes, I also love experimenting with cupcakes and cookies - indeed all things bakey!

What makes OfF ThE CuFf CaKeS!! different? Well my signature is novelty, novelty, novelty. Bright colours and LOTS and LOTS of edible glitter (go away 'edible' glitter police!) are my best friends. I just love to add a quirky, sometimes mischievous twist to things to make sure, well...that they're 'off the cuff' of course! ;0)

If you've made it to this point, then I've captured your attention and we obviously have something in common. It would be nice to be friends with you :-) xxx