Sheila Marie Matienzo


Sheila Marie Matienzo

Aug 2013 79 Guam

I am a fulltime mother of 3 kids from Guam, USA. I do create fondant cupcakes for friends and family for their special event ONLY when I have the time. Every once in a while I am selective in accepting orders, depending on time and difficulty. Mostly, I would watch tutorials via YouTube or Google images online. A self-learner that is. I would also ask questions with other bakers for some how-to's. Not only can I bake, I can do some balloon art/party decorations (even from recyclable items) which can be viewed at I was advised by Laylah of For the Love of Cakes (Facebook) to try posting my pictures online and so I did. "Let us keep doing what we love and more compliments shall pour in. Happy decorating everyone! =)"