It all started few years ago. My passion for food made me change my career into a entire different direction. My life became my family and kids. I wanted to pursue in a in something I was passionate about as well as that gives me time to be with the kids.

The catering company came into light as a result of all these. And then one day I decided to take a further step which was cakes.. I simply loved it. I had doubts at first.. but my first cake order although that did not look the best (for me) which was my first cake with fondant became a hit. Everyone just loved it.. which gave me the courage to step into the world of cakes... As a result my husband who is also a hobby artist joined hands with me. We now run the Serendib Cakes and Serendib Foods in Melbourne catering to so many people with our beautiful and delicious creations.. we both love what we do and we just love to make others happy!