Sabrina Di Clemente
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Hello everyone, my name is Sabrina live in Italy in a city 'named Pescara, are married and have two sons, my passions are the colors, the' art and cuisine ... and the cake designer combines them all.

-- Sabrin'up

Your cakes are very beautiful. Congratulations !

-- viorica's cakes

Thank you Viorica

-- Sabrin'up

Love all your work, amazing talent

Thank you Barbara ♥

-- Sabrin'up

Love your creations, new follow from me. Have a blessed day.

-- Shannon of Sweet ObsesShan

Hello … Welcom to all

-- Sabrin'up

ma grazie Lidia

-- Sabrin'up

Great cakes! New follower :)

-- Dasa, Prague

Thank you Dasa 💖

-- Sabrin'up

beautiful cakes x

-- ellie's elegant cakery

Hello Sabrina! New follower here! Your cakes are stunning! My husband and I will be coming to your beautiful country this Autumn to celebrate our 30th anniversary!

Hi Sabrina! Fantastic cakes!

-- il mondo di ielle