How to Make Cake Flour at Home with 2 Simple Ingredients!

This video is for anyone who can’t find Cake Flour, or lives in a country that does not produce/sell Cake Flour! Tutorial:

2 Ingredients Buttercream

Silky Smooth Buttercream using ONLY 2 Ingredients! Recipe:

1 tip, 15 different borders

I made this tutorial using only 1 piping tip (an open star) and piping 15 different borders! I hope it will be helpful! Tutorial:

How to Cover a Cake with Chocolate Ganache

👉🏼Easy tutorial on how to cover a cake with chocolate ganache and achieve sharp edges. 👉🏼I use this technique when I want to cover a cake with fondant. 👉🏼Chocolate ganache is the best option for cake stability.

Step By Step Macarons | Easy + Fool-Proof

Never fail at making Macarons again! A step by step tutorial on how to make French Macarons + all the answers to your troubleshoots in a downloadable PDF file.

Homemade Fondant

The Best, easy to make, Homemade Fondant. NO Marshmallow!

Swiss meringue buttercream

This is how I make my Swiss meringue buttercream and it’s my absolute favorite! I have also included a FAQs PDF that you can download by clicking the link under the video!

Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

Moist and fluffy vanilla cupcakes in just 5 minutes!

Sugar Flower

This tutorial is for beginners wanted to give sugar flowers a try! In my tutorial, I use minimum tools!

Silky American Buttercream

Always hated using American Buttercream because of it grainy texture! But I found a method that works for me and I’m in love with it! I use it to cover my cakes! Enjoy!