Paul Delaney of Delaneys cakes

Jan 2013 451 Wollongong Australia

Auckland 3

I’m heading to Aukland NZ tomorrow does anyone know of any good cake decorating shops there, worth visiting?

Male decorators head count 26

Hi, I am just curious to know out of the thousands of people using this site how many male decorators do we have? May be 5% or less!

I'm after the best modeling chocolate recipe 6

Hi, Can someone share a good modeling chocolate recipe with me as I see alot of decorators using it on this forum.I assume it has been discussed in depth here many times ,but I am still learning how to navigate and search on this sight and find...

Sugar Veil 8

Just wondering how many of you decorators use sugar veil and what you think of it ? Is it popular where you live ? do you have any pictures of your work you can post?