My name is Oksana Krasulya. I am a cake artist and owner of My Delicious Tiramisu LLC. I specialize in making and decorating tiramisu cakes.
My business was born, I would say, accidentally. In August of 2013, a young man Andrew Vronskiy, the son of my best friend in Ukraine, broke his neck in a swimming accident and got paralyzed. Andrew needed money for very complicated surgery and rehabilitation. My family and friends helped as much as they could, but we still fell short of what was needed. He still needed another US$8000. Then, to help raise the funds for Andrew, I decided to start making and selling tiramisu cakes. As I had no experience with decorating the cakes at the time, it was a giant leap of faith for me to believe that people would like the taste and overly simplistic decorations of the cakes! To my surprise I sold 142 cakes and, along with well-wishers’ additional contributions, I raised even more money than was needed at that time. I patted myself on the back for the effort and thought that I was done with cakes. How wrong was I! A week later one of the people who tasted my cake asked me to make the tiramisu for the special occasions. Then, one more person. Then, one more… “Wow!” I thought to myself, “I must have done something right” and decided to register a business. I continue to run fund raising campaigns for Andrew at least once a year as my way of saying “Thank you!” to Andrew for leading me to the field of cake making and decorating.

In the past I got Bachelor's degree in one discipline and Ph.D. degree in another but none of them are related to a culinary art. I have written and self-published a book on how to make Internet dating safe and successful, which I was told by 32 couples helped them to find each other and get married. And still, decorating the cakes is the most enjoyable job I have ever had.