I absolutely love cooking and always enjoy making new meals etc for myself and my children. When a year ago my bestie found an article about a lady who made cupcakes and sold them at boot-sales we thought we'd give it a go too, sadly our first boot-sale it rained the whole time and since then due to work commitments we've not attempted another, but have kept up with making cupcakes for friends and family. I was asked a few times if I could make a bigger cake for a birthday, but I was always far too nervous to try a bigger cake....eventually I gave in and made a friends son's 1st birthday cake and it turned out ok!! I have since made my own Christmas cake, and 2 naughty bustier cakes for my friend's brother and my dad's birthday's. This year I am hoping to make a Dalek cake for my son's 10th birthday and a Fairy castle for my 3yr old daughter....OMG, ever so nervous.