Hi! My name is Mark. I'm a self-taught baker. My passion for baking and cake decorating started when my friend invited me to come over to help her out in baking her birthday cake. I since then started experimenting with various types of baked goodies. Most of them turned out really bad and some were ok. I never really had any formal education when it comes to pastries and confectionery arts. Youtube and the internet were my go-to teacher whenever I want to try something new. Then one day, I came across some posts from my 2nd cousin who had already attended several workshops/baking classes. I was so amazed by her creations which drove me to take baking and cake decorating to the next level. I also started attending a few classes to learn new ways/techniques. I always look up to other baker's beautiful creations as it inspires me to bring out the cake artist in me.


Very nice cakes!
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Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

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