I was born in the city of Posadas (Argentina) in the Province of Misiones. Granddaughter of Italian immigrants. I was raised in the city, but most of my weekends were spent in the countryside in a place my grandparents called the Venetian Village, in honor of the place they came from. I used to play over the stacked roof shetts from the
metallurgical factory owned by my father. I spent long hours chatting with my mother while she sat at the sewing machine.
I loved to draw and explore, and also play dress up. At the end of my high school years, we traveled to Bariloche and I fell in love with the South. The love of my life, C.F.S. Beat, is from the south of Argentine too, and we have been together since 1999. Since I've known him, he has been creating songs, so in my house there is always music playing all day long. I have 2 kids, Fran and Meli, who are the lights of my life.
I studied basic cake decorating, pastry making with Jli, from "Una Mesa", later on line class with Moira Sigal, which made me win a competition of Moira for a Kitchen Aid Artisan. That was a beautiful surprise and a big push for me. For bakers to win a Kitchen Aid it's like winning a Ferrari they say.
Then I did more courses in pastry, and cake decorating. I did a course on the Little Mermaid with Gabriel Castillo and María Castro from Mac tortas, I had the opportunity to do a bust course with isomalt with the Italian Molly Coppini, I took Wilton courses at the (Feria) Mega Artesanal de Sao Paulo in 2018, and I was invited to participate in the live cake contest at Expo Cakes Brasil 2019, International Fair of Artistic Confectionery, Bakery and Gastronomy, in the As Panteras team, coming in second place, valuing teamwork, experience and friendship. I consider myself mostly self-taught. I give private and group courses, and together with the Molkasur company, at their facilities here in Puerto Madryn. Currently I am still selling decorated cakes made with the best pastry, since I always value the inner flavor as the outer beauty. We also give live online classes since at the moment we cannot do them in person. A very important step is that I was accepted by the Bakerswood group, a professional elite group worldwide. I am still on my way to improve and perfect myself since in this profession the techniques and trends are renewed daily.