Maria Paula Robles is a Very colorful and passionate Sugar Artist thats has dedicated her proffesional life to mastering her making, sculpting and decorating skills.
She was borned in San Jose , Costa Rica in October 1977.
From and early age she showed great artistic abilities not a coincidence or an unexpected condition as her mother, a very well known local painter.
Maria Paula explored throughout her adolescence different art forms, however she was absolutely hooked by cake sculpting at her adult age, it was during her late 20ā€™s that she started to dedicate fully to this art form and combined it with a commercially adventure including production of tailor made cakes for a variety of occasions including weddings of course.
She was had the opportunity to participate in multiple training courses with top artists across different countries.
Based on these experiences she has also positioned herself as a top trainer in Costa Rica offering a variety of courses for different audiences.
Without a doubt Maria Paula is a referent in costa Rica and she continuous to dazzle local enthusiasts with her creativity and wonderful skills.

Cakes by Paula

Cakes by Paula


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Cakes by Paula

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