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French Bulldog Topper

I was so excited to use this doggie mold I’d gotten over Christmas. I’ve made a short video while I was working on it.


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Tattoo Heart Cake Tutorial | Valentine's Day Cake

Here’s another tutorial using the same carving method. Very easy method to follow.


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Valentine's Cake Tutorial - Heart Balloon Cake

This is a remake of a cake I made back in 2016 on Valentine’s for my hubby. Thought I’d make it again with a short video of the carving. ❤️


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Christmas Cake Tutorial

Our Christmas Cake 2019. Home for Christmas. All fruit cake. I usually try to keep them as simple as possible but as you perfect the details well its not so simple 😄 I’m still waiting for our tree and decorations to go up as I usually take...


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Christmas Teddy Cupcakes

Ive been making these very Christmas season for Christmas orders or for my kids school teachers. They’re so adorable and cute and so easy to make.


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Christmas Bow Cupcakes

While at a store with my kids and walking in the Christmas aisle I was just looking at these bows that we buy every year with our wrapping papers and ribbons. I stopped and had that weird ‘staring into space look’ while my mind was working out...


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Meringue Christmas Trees

I just couldn’t wait to start on something Christmassy. I didn’t post these anywhere until Halloween was officially over. Now its my fav time of the year


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Nintendo Switch Cake Tutorial

We made this cake for a very old and regular client of ours. The cake actually had the boy’s pic in edible print but while filming I used a regular print of Mario for privacy reasons. Hope you find it useful.


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Watermelon Cake Tutorial

Just a hint of Summer and its Watermelons all over the place! lol! Heres a very short and quick ‘How to’ of my new Watermelon Cake Have a lovely Summer! Much love, Maria xx


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Mini Fault line Cake Tutorial

After the recent flooding of the new fault line cake trend on my feed I wanted to give it a go. But making a mini version…well its never easy 😅 Hope you enjoy this video I filmed while I attempted the cake. Much love, Maria x


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