I remember buying my first icing bag and nozzle. I was 8 years old. I had learnt how to make a Victoria Sponge..from that day on my family had copious amounts of cake to eat!!
Throughout my life, I had the pleasure and honour of being surrounded by amazing cooks and bakers. Watching my grandmother making traditional Scottish bakes..like scones, pancakes, rock cakes (they are much nicer than they sound! ) syrup buscuits, treacle toffee...the list could go on, and on. My mum used to make the most amazing breads and my dad, well he could rustle up something out of nothing.
I decided to take the plunge about 9 years ago and put myself through a night class on how to cover a cake as wanted to make my own wedding cake. The obsession started there...you tube, Internet, lovely giving and helpful cake friends..definately set me on the cake path..which has been so very rewarding.
So I do hope you like my pictures, and I look forward to seeing all the amazing creations on here. (Once I get the hang of it!!)
Love Laura Lane