Hi, my name is Lizzie. I live in Kent with my husband and our daughter.

Like many, my passion for cake making and decorating started when I made my daughters 1st birthday cake in 2010 and things have progressed from there. I am mainly self taught.

I finally made the decision in February 2015 to set up my own business called Lizzie Bizzie Cakes and I have really enjoyed the challenges and variety of cakes I have been asked to make so far....long may it continue.

I'm thrilled to be part of Cakes Decor and love looking at everyone's wonderful creations. X


Hi, my name’s Lizzie too (the cake name’s a long story lol) and I love your cakes. New follow from me. 😃 xx

Hi Lizzie thanks so much for following me I had a look through your photos and I’ll be following you right back! Xx