Hi everybody, my name is Daniela. I am Italian-Brazilian and live in Italy since 2001, I have to say that the cake design in my country already existed for many years and as i remember has always been used in the birthdays of the children. My passion for the cake design was born in 2009/2010 watching Cake Boss with the great Buddy Valastro, I wanted all the cost to a decorated cake for the first birthday of my second child and i can't finding anyone in my part that made this kind of cakes. I began to document and practice in all that concern to the cake design and finally for the 3rd birthday of my little child, I was able to make a cake as i desired, the cake design for me is a continuous search of techniques and flavors because a cake can't only be beautiful, it also must be good and vice versa, made with fresh ingredients and quality. Then was born Lela's Cake to make any occasion even more special.