Lady D


I am a cake hobbyist. My journey to cake decorating started on April 2011 when I had a difficult time looking for a novelty cake for my son's third birthday. Cakes in Hong Kong where I live now are very expensive. The simple ones are already so pricey and much more for those nicely decorated ones. I think cakes are the highlights to a kids birthday party or any party for that matter. My desire to give lasting memories to my son's birthdays is why I tried my hands on cake decorating. Last year in September a friend of mine asked me to make a wedding cake for her. With my limited cake decorating skills I took on the job. It turned out very well. From then on, I realised my heart is into wedding cakes though I would still make cakes of any kind.I love flowers, ruffles, pearls,laces and the likes. Weddings remind me of new beginnings and happy endings. My way of relieving childhood dreams.

-- Lady D " Where every cake has it's own tale