Slightly manic ocd cake decorator with a passion for art and sugar! twitch twich.....:P
Love learning, love exploring and utubes sculpting. Also love sharing knowledge. So much to little time!


Lovely work, New follow here, have a blessed day.

Shannon of Sweet ObsesShan

Beautiful cakes….. New follow from me!!! ~April :)


Hi ….wonderful cake!New follow from me !

Sc Sugar Art l'Ingegnere nello zucchero

Wow I love your work! Happy to be a new follow xoxo

Naomi AKA Cairns Cake Lady, Australia or or

Thank you so much! Still getting the hang of this site…so many talented ppl…so much fun!!

Icing by Design

So Jennifer you make some amazing things and model some great figurines..thank you for the lovely comment you are so talented xoxooxxo


Lovely cakes.u are really talented.i wish I can be like u


Fab work – new follow from me! :-)

Julia Hardy

Thank you Danijela and Uwabor and Julia xxx

Icing by Design

you make stunning cakes love to follow you and see what is the next one :)