How to make Christmas squirrel topper for cupcake .

Here some pictures , how i make this Christmas squirrel topper for cupcake.Everything make out of fondant. Click to here to see more pictures of my Christmas cupcakes with the squirrel topper....

How to make Peacock feathers

Hi, everyone ! This is how i make my peacock feathers. Its very easy, you can see it through the pictures. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks, for watching ! Click here to see my finish cake .:)...

Indominus rex topper (for girl only :)

Hi, all ! First , I’m self taught and try to do my best. Last week, i got request to make indominus rex in jurassic world cake for a GIRL..i though,,very cool ! but i’m very nervous. This is for a Girl, so i dont make it look to crazy,, Thanks...

Quick and easy way to make Wafer paper Butterfly

Hi, there ! This is how i make wafer paper butterfly. First, i print out some different size of butterfly on a piece of paper then i trade wafer paper on top . I used food color pen to trade on wafer paper and color with edible dust. ...

How to make wafer paper flowers.

Hi, everyone ! Today, i just make some wafer flowers , just want to share with you. Hope you like it. Thanks for watching !

Winter cupcakes topper.

These are i make last year. Hope you like it. Thanks for watching !

Easy way , Wafer paper rose.

Here how i make wafer paper rose, its very simple and easy. I cut out 6 circles , , then color only 3 , .(you can color any color u want ) Leave 3 of them on white . I’m used water for glue. Dip small amount of water , enough to dame the...

3 way to do stairs for cake.

Hi, everyone, i just want to share to you, 3 ways to do stairs cake. :) Hope you like it . and Here my finish cake. Thanks, for looking !

Close up Yoda face from Star War.

And here the video for the finish Yoda Birthday cake. Thanks, for looking !

How to Paint Fondant / Gumpaste Dragonfly .

Hi, there ! i just done to painted my gumpaste dragonfly.Hope you like it and Thanks for watching ! Here the finish pic :)


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