Hello, my name is Clara and I am the owner of 'Guarda che dolci!'!
Who am I? I am a person who loves creativity and everything that revolves around it. I was born in Italy in a family where art is at home. A chef brother, a sister for twenty years in high fashion, another teacher in the kitchen and I that I have been working behind the scenes theater before moving to film, from a set and the other up and down the ' Italy. Create create, and create this require my hands. In 2001 I moved in Lazio, synergistic point of cinema and theater.
For some years, however, I decided not to travel more and to leave the show. So I begin to devote my time to the artistic creations of all kinds to satisfy my desire of art until to choise the sweet world of cake design.
So I start reading, to document, to study for hours and hours trying different techniques and different tastes to establish that the beauty of a cake or dessert in general must go hand in hand with the goodness of taste. Taste that has to meet a positive opinion, not necessarily all, but at least the majority!
So, join the tradition of Italian pastry Anglo-American decorative art is my daily challenge and be able to satisfy the customer is the best result!
Every creation, from the most general to the most detailed, is worked with passion. The use of materials of the highest quality always slow to positive opinions and the new image of your cake can make a special day an unforgettable day!
In the meantime I teach this art to all those who want to learn by doing courses in different regions of Italy.

I strongly wanted to formalize my passion for pastry, graduating with a major in cake design at the Sweetest in collaboration with the Confederation of Italian Confectioners and continued my studies at 360 ° because they are of the view that in life you never stop learning ...
First ARDESIS Women Cake Design Excellence Award 2012

Clara Calabretto ♦ ♦ Cake Designer
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