My name is Galina. I live in Chelyabinsk/Russia. Decoration of cakes, sugar paste modeling is that takes all my free time. My main job is not related with modelling. I'm a doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics, I work at Chelyabinsk Region Clinic Hospital. I started work with decorationg cakes during my maternity leave. I have 8 years experience in decorating of cakes. Then i had just started to work with sugar paste. This kind of art was not widly known in Russia at that date. So i learned it myself from errors and bundles. Therefore, this experience is most valuable. Cakes and modeling became an integral part of my life. Scene cakes, little cute animals, grotesque and anatomical modeling, 3d cakes are my favorite sugar art trend. During those 8 years i was creating my own individual style. Cakes created by me are recognized not only here, in Russia, but in other countries too. I want to touch people's hearts with my creations. I want people to have fond memories. I want to make you smile and the world becomes a bit kinder.

I've never been in any serious culinary competitions, but it's all ahead of me! I've been invited to represent national team of best Russian pastry chefs. This is a very big honor for me to represent our country at this confectionary art competition, organized by GSARN.

As an experienced chef I have a proven track record of making and designing great cakes and very happy to share my knowledge with others who willing to improve in this path.

I teach cake decoration and sugar paste modeling in my Studio in Chelyabinsk. It’s called “Sugar Tale”. I teach master classes in other cities of Russia and other countries.

My workshops:
-- Human figure modelling workshops (Available in Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Master class level)
- cute animal modeling
- modeling realistic 3D animal figurines from light weight sugar mass
- master class in decorating cakes story
- sugarpaste caricature modeling

I will be glad to cooperation!

Find more of my art works here:





Hi Galina, nice to meet you.
I’m speechless about your works of art.
So glad to follow you!!!


Hi! Your cakes are so wonderful! I love them. I will follow you 💕


Amazing cakes Galina! 

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