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Here's a lil something about me and how it all began.. Im Elma D'souza..A Dental Surgeon by profession,native of Kerala,blissfully married to Joystan D'souza,currently residing in Dammam,Saudi Arabia.While pursuing my studies for medical licensure in Dubai there were moments of boredom and frustration which made me take a break from my books and work on my baking trials in the kitchen...I honestly had no idea how seriously i wanted to commit myself to it as everything was self trained from scratch by following a multitude of blogs and videos with nobody to ask or seek help from.I had a series of baking disasters as well..neverthless i kept trying and my patience paid off with a bunch of orders from my near and dear ones in Dubai...well it looks like there's no turning back...its an absolute pleasure to watch people relishing my bakes and admire the beauty of each creation from my Kitchen....

-- The Oven Affairs by Elma Dsouza