Since the age of 8, Andreia Melo "Durrys" had a love for the art of decorative kitchen that was inspired first by his mother, and since younger always loved arts, crafts, anything that involved creating and emotion.
Now, over twenty years later, is the founder of Andreia Durrys Decorated Cakes.
After doing publicity and advertising in the College Unime, Andreia started his business career in 2003 with a digital Cyber ​​café, but his love for art continued edible and handmade.
In December 2009, Andreia started planning the first birthday of their daughter Ashley, but she dreamed of a beautiful, magical cake, very tenderly, and made by herself, and then began the study, research, even finish his first biscuit cake, all handmade by her to her daughter, there were 4 months to finish it, and it paid off, this cake was made with much love, willpower and determination, and orders began to emerge, and the from love born Durrys Decorated Cakes.
After much research, she and her mother the daughter of Selma traditional confectionery Recife-Pe, began in 2010 to provide edible decorated cakes for friends, neighbors, indicated, and more cakes BISCUITS off to Brazil, Andreia officially founded the Durrys Cakes appointed.
Durrys Decorated Cakes has grown to an operation of two dedicated and creative people.


What awesome cakes <3 You Have gained a new follow from me! Can’t wait to see more!

Josie Durney, nineteen, New Zealand