Daughter of a kitchen chef, Clara da Cruz, has, since early age, learned decorating dishes with delicate detail and elegance, transforming tables into a catwalk of flavours, aroma, colour, grace and originality.
When host, she always makes it a rule to offer her guests a different and always original dish.
Her work has evolved from much research, both in literature and in the internet, which has made it easy for her to discover cake design with sugar paste.
She has become partner of ANCD - the National Cake Designer Association- where she has attended several worshops with the most outstanding world cake designers.
Currently in addition to designing and creating custom cakes, she gives training in cake design.
She likes to organize thematic and personalized parties, dealing with all the details from the invitations, decoration, entertainment, catering, the gifts.
She owns Claríssima trademark, and you can check her works at www.clarissima.pt or www.facebook.com/PaginaClarisssima