From the yards to the kitchen, it may seem like a gamble, but I did it and, from one art to another, is giving me great satisfaction: my name is Cinzia Vitale and my hands Have always said that my artistic vein I had to express it using them. So I graduated in Architecture and, at present, in Rome, where I live, I carry out my profession independently, performing projects in the field of restoration, new building and interior architecture. But creativity sometimes requires minimal encouragement to find other ways. And here's a TV show on cake design that opens up a door I never really thought of. The plasmability of that sweet matter, with which to create the exclamation point for moments of joy, sparked my imagination and the desire to experiment. So my first three-story cake is born to celebrate my husband's birthday. A success that has sealed my love for this art. I studied, taught, not only the sugar paste, but the real one and the flower pasta and their incredible masters who led my footsteps. Then my personality came into play, and it was exciting to express it by combining it with the Italian tradition. So now that on the Web there is my site telling about my work as an architect, on Facebook with "Le torte artistiche di Cicci" I offer to the public my sweetest achievements with recipes and tutorials. Step after step of life presents us with new possibilities of expression, just like creating a beautiful cake that slowly tells and emphasizes moments to remember for the rest of your life.