Hi my name is Tascia .
I am a 45 year old mother of three that loves to try different crafts. Recently I have had the opportunity to have some time off my full time job as Managing Director of a coal exploration business. This has left me with a lot of time on my hands. My interest in cake decorating started with my Father turning 70. Of course he loves fruit cake so my creative mind sped from that point onwards.
Since I have started my novice career (if that is what you could call it ) in cake decorating I have learnt to have a great respect for all cake decorators and their ability to create something so wonderful that it puts a smile on peoples faces and sometimes a tear in their eye. To be able to share and be part of a couples wedding , a childs birthday, a grandparents birthday, a mother or fathers special day, a christening, etc,is such a magical moment and a opportunity I cherish.
All power to cake decorators !!!!

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Hi I’m a fellow queenslander also! You have some lovely work xoxo

Naomi AKA Cairns Cake Lady, Australia www.cakedecorcairns.com or www.google.com/+CakeDecorCairns or www.facebook.com/cakedecorcairns