IMy name is Cheryl and I am a mum of 4. My journey into cake decorating began 4 years ago, when my daughter turned one year old and I ordered a cake from a local cake shop. I had recently left a stressful management job and was kind of stuck in limbo as to what the hell I was going to do for a living! Anyway, the cake arrived and my jaw dropped, I instantly fell in love with it and within hours was scouring google and the like for more cakey pictures, dreaming that I would be able to make something myself. I immediately signed up at college on a part time one year course and spent all my free time practising. I cried with frustration a lot and threw one or two in the bin! I have watched endless You Tube videos, read so many books and followed tutorials, tips and ideas from fellow cakers on Facebook etc. Now I make cakes full time and my husband helps out full time too! I will never go back and know that I have finally found the "thing" I am supposed to do. Cake creating is in your blood, you can't stop and you live and breathe it. Everything I do connects to creating a cake in some way!!


Like the concept and the colour combinations, well done Chocomoo!

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Wow … Amazing !!! Beautiful !!!

All are creations are superb ,, mindblowing !!!