Hi all. What to say about me ummm..hi im Cath . I'm a qualified florist stay at home mum to three kiddies and house bird to my fella. My eldest at almost 16 now has given me plenty of years 'experience' at making cakes and being self taught I dont think I've done too badly. I think it helps to have at least one creative bone in your body to begin with. My daughter and my son made an appearance and gave me more chances to create through the year. Family and friends began to notice that the practice was paying off and they began telling their family and friends..so here I am, Caths Custom Cakes!
I won't sugar coat it, it hasn't been a breeze to get where I am now, it's been very stressful especially with two toddlers hanging off your legs and constantly wanting attention but never the less I am still here and hoping to be for a long time yet with the intention of one day being on the same par of excellence that I see everyday on here from all of you.
I look forward to seeing your creations, if you're passing through my way, say Hi, give us a wave :) x