Hello Cakes Decor World!!! I'm new to the community!!! I love this website, its so addictive! LOL Well 1st off, I am just a young lady trying to make her dreams a reality! I have two beautiful daughters 6&8, they are my world! I'm married to the most wonderful man!

I started decorating cakes a little over 3 years ago, this was something I just wanted to try so I made my moms 50th birthday, she had a surprise party and needed something a little nicer than a sheet cake so I decided I wanted it to be even more special so I made it myself with no experience except a plain sheet cake you frost with store bought frosting and cake mix! I never worked with fondant but at that time I loved watching Duff and his team on Ace of Cake and with that I kinda figured it out!!! After her party I had so many great comment and a few people wanting a cake, I was so grateful!!! I found my calling and I love every minute of what I do!!!