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Hi, my names Bernadette and I'm 46 years old. I've been making cakes now for just over 2years and have a massive passive to improve and learn so much more. I love the challenge of making something new and different! I've nearly finished my first year in college learning skills in sugar paste and royal icing and I've learnt loads. Looking forward to year 2 ! Learnt so much from all those amazing people who find time to make detailed tutorials and get such inspiration from seeing such fabulous cakes!!
I make for friends and family as a lot of my time is dedicated to my hubby who's quite poorly but would love to have my own business in the future.
Wish I'd had the confidence years ago to do what I'm doing now, the passions always been there but didn't think I could ever do it!!

-- Bern

Hi Bernadette! I am so inspired by your story! May God open doors for you to open up your own studio. You are still young enough to make a big impression in the industry! Your cakes shows your passion and love for what you do. I love your cakes. You have a lot of talent. Looking forward to seeing your next creations!

-- Maggie Gagiano

Aw thank you so much maggie. That’s really sweet of you to say:). I get such lovely comments of friends and their families and it just makes my passion ever stronger. Your cakes are amazing! Your pagoda is just out of this world!! Xx

-- Bern

Thank you so much, Bernadette, for your lovely comment on my profile page! Welcome to CD! This is a great place to find an inspirations, designs, advice, tutorials and, of course, friends! Your cakes are beautiful!

-- Gulnaz Mitchell, New Zealand,

Thankyou Gulnaz, your cakes really are amazing! I’ve had CD on fb for ages and wish I’d joined earlier, lovely people and lovely cakes:) x

-- Bern