Baking is my joy but food all around is a love of mine. I am a newbie when it comes to cake decorating (a little over a year). It all started with my daughters 16th birthday....I should have paid for a cake lol.... she wanted to have a special cake and I did not want to pay the prices I was seeing. I should have paid the price because now I know how much work goes into these cakes. I also have spent way more on my tools and toys for my hobby :-)

I have been enjoying making cakes and some baked goods for my friends and people who have given me the privilege to be part of there celebrations. I have used my family/friends as guinea pigs when I try a new recipe with little complaints and sometimes line ups to do the taste testing.

My goal is to keep enjoying making cakes and to keep learning about everything baking. I have spent some nights (and part of a vacation) dreaming up what I will make as my next creation or thinking up of what I want to bake next. I am enjoying this new hobby so very much, I thank all who have entrusted me with there celebration cakes and those of you out there in the cake world that have posted all the wonderful tutorials that has taught me so much!