Baby cakes by amber


Baby cakes by amber

Feb 2014 72 Baltimore md usa

My name is amber and I'm an a beginner at the whole cake decorating thing and I jus woke up one day and decided this is wut I want to do I've always been into arts and crafts and always wanted to do something in that nature for a living but I never thought of an art that could be a career and I have finally found it you may find that I ask a lot of questions and that's only because I want to be the best I can be ad learn from other cake decorators


Jenniffer White

Hey Amber! You say you’re a beginner at cake decorating, and that’s fine, but how keen are you on business aspects… bookkeeping, marketing, taxes, etc? If you’re just starting out, your best bet might be to find a job decorating cakes. You can increase your decorating talents while you learn more about how to run a business. Also, if having your own business is your ultimate goal, you should contact your local health department to find out what your options are legally for selling cakes. Some states have “cottage food laws” that will allow you to sell right out of your house; other states require you to build (or rent time in) a licensed commercial kitchen.

I know this is not a “fun” answer, but neither is getting in trouble with your local government. Keep asking those questions though, we are all here to share and learn!

Baby cakes by amber

Thank u so much for ur advise I have done a lot of research and the book keeping and all I’m in college learning right now for accounting but right now it’s jus family and friends and once word gets out and I start getting clientele is when I want to open a bakery but right now it’s more for the exsperience then for money this is my passion and everyone has to start some were and I jus want to be the best I cAn be