Jan 2017 57 Ankara / Turkey

About Me
I was born in Askaabat, 1979. I am, in fact, a textile engineer. I really love to make cakes. It is a nice story for me to start being a cook. The motivation behind this ongoing engagement was my daughter. She wanted me to color her life! My sweet made me produce cakes with different colors.
This was an outstanding experience for me. Later I managed to be a profession in this good occupation. It is in fact tiny things lead us start a new life with a good job.
I started to make cakes at home with natural materials, delicious tastes and different presentations for my sweet daughter and her friends. A big simile on their face encouraged me to do my bests. It is a good feeling to be admired by my daughter when I make cakes.
Then I realized that it is a pleasure for me to make extraordinary cakes with new designs and colors. So I decided to produce cakes professionally. In this way I have had a job that is funny for me. I prefer to all you to have a funny job!
Now, I have a boutique pastry which is still a hobby for me. To make cakes with different collars does not make me tired.I still produce all products in my pastry as home-made. I enjoy to make all cakes in natural style and in a hygienic environment.
It takes too times to make nice cakes for me. For each part of the products, I need to pay attention.
I really take many courses to supply you with happiness. I received required certificates from MEB. I am going to share my knowledge with others about pastry.


14. International İstanbul Gastronomy Festival - Silver Medal
IKA Culinary Olympics 2016 - Silver Medal - Bronze Medal

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-- Aygul Doğan