Hello everyone ☺ I come from Poland but since 2008 I live in England. I'm mummy of two wonderful sons. My adventure with baking began when I was a little girl and helped my grandma in the kitchen. My grandmother baked cakes and great traditional yeast cakes for weddings. I have always been attracted by the scents of baking, inspired by the flavors of cakes and creams. I baked my first cake myself at the age of 7 and it was a yeast cake. For years, I studied the old recipes of my mother, grandmother, great-grandmothers. I fell in love with classic confectionery. I love to look at the faces of people who feel my baking. Their joy in the eyes, honest smile, a sense of happiness gives me extraordinary satisfaction and fulfillment in what I am doing. I'm not a cake genius. I do not have such an outstanding talent. My baking comes from my heart. My concept is the taste of tradition and the beauty of classics. I am trying to make the simple, delicious, home-made cake, evoke the taste and smell of home, family, loved ones and memories of common moments with them. I completely devoted myself to baking when I started working in the restaurant kitchen- over four years ago . I have learned many techniques and recipes. I have trying perfected it all at home after work and free days, baking for my family , neighbors and friends. I am still learning and try perfectly all technicians. In science, cake groups and baking websites help me. I dream about having my own cafe where you can have a cup of fresh coffee and eat a delicious homemade cake. And I would like to meet this dream one day.
Thank you.
I greet you all sweet and warm ☺


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Hi Anna,I like your cakes!
Very beautiful and colourful 💖
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