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How to make a Frozen Princess Elsa Cake

Watercolor Sunset Window Scene Cookies

Grab your food gels and few paint brushes, because this week tutorial is a mesmerizing Colorado sunset from a victorian window! I was inspired by spectacular sunset I watched from my upstairs library window. I used water instead lemon extract...

CakesDecor Theme: Teddy Bear Cakes

Hi! Today we are looking at ‘Teddy Bear’ cakes, with some gorgeous sculpted cakes and fantastic modelling! So much cuteness going on here – I absolutely love them all! Congratulations everyone featured! Really beautiful work!! :-) x Elli...

RKT Rapunzel, a quick step by step

It’s been a really crazy busy weekend, and all I have been able to share is my RKT Rapunzel with you.

CakesDecor Theme: Chef Cakes

Hi Everyone! This week’s theme is ‘Chef Cakes’. I love these types of cakes because they always make me smile! There are so many cute cakes with fabulous modelling shown here! Also some perfectly clean and neat cakes can also be seen here. ...

How to make a simple ornamental window

Here´s this week´s tutorial. It´s a very simple way to make an ornamental window for your castles, palaces or anything you want to use it for. We hope you enjoy it ;)

Dolly Dingle Back to School Cookie Video Tutorial

Dolly Dingle is heading back to school. For this tutorial, I will show you how to decorate these hand painted adorable paper doll sugar cookies. *This video is dedicated to my daughter who is getting her master in ECSE (Early childhood...

CakesDecor Theme: Parisian Cakes

Today’s theme is ‘Paris Cakes’. Whilst looking through these cakes, the words that immediately popped into my head were: elegant, chic and, of course, beautiful!! Each and every one of these cakes is so, so classy!! Congratulations to...

One Cutter - Five Flowers Part two Anemone

Love that Patchwork Cutters set – Large Christmas Rose. My way of creating five different flowers with help of that cutter – Poppy, Anemone, Dog Rose, Small Rose and Christmas Rose. Part two of tutorial – Anemone. Next is Christmas Rose.

Tip on how to make a wire fence

We are late with our usual Sunday tutorial, it was a really busy weekend as we had organized our annual family and friend BBQ, but this time we had a contest to see who could make the best Spanish omelette!! Well at last we have the visual...