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Bear in Chair Tutorial

Bear in Chair Tutorial

Sesamestreet Bear Tutorial

Sesamestreet Bear Tutorial have fun with it and when you use it let me see what you have made i would love to see it

Big Bird Tutorial

Big Bird Tutorial have fun with it and when you use it i love to see it

Kermit and Piggy Tutorial

Kermit and Piggy Tutorial hope you will have fun with it and when u use it it would be great to see it …

How to make a Quick&Simple Fondant Rose !

Hi guys , i recently made a tutorial on how to make a quick and simple fondant rose for cupcake toppers ! I hope you all enjoy it and please subscribe to my channel to keep up to date with more tutorials :) TUTORIAL BELOW:


A quick step-by-step pictorial showing how I built up the layers to make my cut-out Thor. The detaiing was added with a plastic blade and a colour shaper. You can view the finished cake here: ...

How to make the Creeper from Minecraft out of fondant

I’m happy to present you my new creation: the Creeper from Minecraft! I’m sure that your kids and who loves videogames knows perfectly who he is! It’s an original and modern cake topper! Enjoy ;)

Brick pattern

Ok go easy on me this is my first tutorial. Hopefully I have it in order right. To make a brick board first cut equal rectangles the size you want the brick. Then place them on the board and attach with gum glue. Use your thumbs and dent the...

Easy Texture effect

Textures are one of my favorite and be a little creative and you can find it everywhere. For my recent creation ‘’Sparkly Bridal Shoes’’ for A walk of the wild side collaboration, I struggled to get the texture as I wanted. I tried tools,...

Tiffany Blue Chocolate Pyramid Tutorial

Tiffany Blue Chocolate Pyramid Tutorial