Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Baby carriage tutorial easy way.

Hello every one ! I created this video to show how i made baby carriage out of rice crisps and marshmallow mixture and chocolate. If interested i have videos how to make teddy bear and elephant that on the cake also. This is my second video on...

Easy (lazy!) Cake Bunting

I like to make life easy whenever possible and when I needed to make bunting for a cake this seemed the best option. Hope it helps someone :)

Teddy Bear tutorial quick and easy way.

Hello every one! This video how to make Teddy bear easy and quick way with no special tools. Thank you for watching!

Baby Elephant tutorial with no special tools needed.

Hello every one! This video how to make baby elephant easy and quick way with no special tools. Thank you for watching!

butter cream #1: Tutorial butter cream flower cupcake

Tutorial Flower buttercream cupcake. so easy

Picture Frame Board #1: Sweet Art - Picture Frame Board and Hanging Cake

I saw a cake posted earlier this year by “The Sweet Life by Julie”. It caught my attention immediately because it was a white picture frame with a hanging cake covered in red poppies. You know how sometimes you see something and you instantly...

General cake decorating tutorials #13: Flower and modelling paste carnations

How to make fondant carnations If you like the videos, please subscribe for more content ( it’s free! ) and be sure to share the videos with your friends.

Little Lamb modelling tutorial

Use fondant/gumpaste throughout 1. Shape large teardrop of white 2. Shape 1 long and 2 shorter pink legs 3. Use tool to mark leg and feet lines 4. Adhere legs to body 5. Using extruder, create long thin white ‘spaghetti’ and roll these...

How to do Sugar Quilling-Beginners Guide

This is a wonderful paper craft technique that can also be replicated using modelling paste. You Will Need: Modelling paste approx. 100g each of green, yellow and two other floral colours (modelling paste is 50:50 flower...

Tutorial Easter Cake