Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Innovative buttercream fruit & flowers: #1: pomegranate & blossom wreath cake

Hi all, I’ve started a new series of unique & unusual buttercream cake tutorials on my Youtube channel. The first is up, it’s a pomegranate & pomegranate flower (technically speaking it’s actually the sepals post petal fall, but hey)...

Drip cake tutorial

This is the tutorial of my drip cake:

Cookies #2: Easy Walking dead cookies

Learn how to make Walking dead cookies in a snap here:

Cookies #1: Ease Halloween cookies

Here’s the link to the tutorial, learn how to make easy halloween cookies in minutes:


How to keep your fondant covered board from scratching

I just read on Facebook about a way to make your covered cake boards scratch and dent-proof. Cover cake board and/or drum with fondant, as you would normally do. Place it in a 170 degree oven for approximately 15 minutes. Fondant will harden...

Pumpkin Puff Pastries - Halloween Treat

A really easy and quick Halloween Treat to make.

Halloween decoration with Wafer paper

1. Make a selection of nice drawings. You can draw it alone or print some and copy to wafer paper 2. Use pen with edible ink and color your drawings Leave to dry. Cut and use for your cookie or muffins Hope it will give you some...


Vintage Dimensional Wildflower Cookies

I love wildflowers they wonderfully carefree with a mystique aura. Wildflowers are also perfect for dimensional pressure piping with royal icing on cookies and cakes! For this video tutorial I will show my technique for creating dimension...